Wholesale - Geist Layered Sensuality Necklace

We have to keep the fire burning if we are going to stay alive. The Geist Layered Sensuality necklace reminds us to feel and take risks that ignite our passions.  

Like the other members of the collection, this necklace features shattered windshield glass and 24k gold leaf fused in hand-poured resin. Each piece of glass is unique creating a one-of-a-kind feel. 

Bezel: Sterling with copper backing sealed with resin to avoid most copper allergies

Chain: 32 inches | sterling sliver | hook clasp | Adjustable

Gender: Him, Her, Them 

Retail: $375.00 (special order limited edition)


Design Meaning:

What is life with risk? What is fire without the wind? Who are we without passion, desire, dreams, and love? I designed this necklace because it felt good. 

Note from the designer:

“All of my designs have a meaning and a story. The Zeit and Geist Collections is a two-part series, originally released in 2019 and inspired by the German word zeitgeist, which means spirit of the times. Given the current global situation, I felt it was fitting to re-release these collections to inspire personal power and hope in the heart and spirit of the wearer, as we move forward into a space of global change.