Wholesale - Geist Heart Necklace (Limited Edition)

In a world of filters and emojis what you see may not be what you get.  A true heart-shaped necklace. Inspired by the Song "Shape of My Heart" - by Sting 

Like the other members of the collection, this necklace features shattered windshield glass and 24k gold leaf fused in hand-poured resin. Each piece of glass is unique creating a one-of-a-kind feel. 

Bezel: Sterling with copper backing sealed with resin to avoid most copper allergies

Chain: 20 inches | sterling sliver | lobster clasp | adjustable

Gender: Him, Her, Them 

Retail: $245.00 (special order limited edition)


Design Meaning:

What is life with risk? What is fire without the wind? Who are we without passion, desire, dreams, and love? I designed this necklace because it felt good. 

Note from the designer:

“All of my designs have a meaning and a story. The Zeit and Geist Collections is a two-part series, originally released in 2019 and inspired by the German word zeitgeist, which means spirit of the times. Given the current global situation, I felt it was fitting to re-release these collections to inspire personal power and hope in the heart and spirit of the wearer, as we move forward into a space of global change.