Tiny Spirit Necklaces - Pre Order Only


Sterling silver Talisman necklaces in 3 styles: triangle, square and oval. Featuring shattered windshield glass, 24k gold leaf set in sterling silver bezel. 

My car was vandalized, the windshield shattered into a thousand pieces and the glass was beautiful. Sometimes life shatters us. Geist Necklaces are a reminder to scoop up our broken pieces and love the new shape of your spirit. Each piece of glass is unique creating a one-of-a-kind feel. - Tracey Beale

Wooden gift box included

Meaning: Spirit

Materials: Brass, 24k Gold Leaf, Shattered Windshield Glass & Hand-poured resin

Chain: 18 inches Sterling Silver

Pendant: .5 - .6 

1 Necklace per order