Zeit Bracelet

Handcrafted protection bracelets meticulously casted from thin strips of melted metal. The brass has a rich, golden color reminiscent of ancient Egyptian jewelry, while the sterling silver carries a matte, antique finish. Both styles are perfect for stacking, mixing and matching. These pieces have a solid weight that still feels wearable. The texture makes them unique and special.

The perfect gift for yourself or someone else to express connection and transformation.

Materials: Brass or Sterling Silver

Size: 2.5 inches diameter 


Note From The Designer:

We are living in a curious and wondrous time of constant change. Old systems are falling. People are standing up for what they believe in and the digital age gives voice to the voiceless.  When designing these bracelets and matching earrings I tried to image what the spiritual imprint of these times would look like. This is what I came up with, mystical wheels of time. Enjoy! 



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