Dirty Penny Necklace

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A penny for your thoughts. Copper and melted metal pendant on a sterling silver, ball chain. The pendant is reversible with one-of-a-kind embellishments on both sides. 

Design Meaning: Penny for your thoughts? Tell me about all the places you've been. An exploration in memory and cherished moments. 

Chain Length: 18 inches

Pendant Size: 1.3 inches x .7 inches

Note From the Designer:

This piece is another example of the metal telling who it wants to be. I call this dirty penny because it reminds me of ancient money. The word penny also makes me think of that song, "A Penny for Your Thoughts" by Taraves. I remember listening to that song as a little girl and thinking, "Hmmm I'm sure I should get more than a penny for thoughts." Welcome to the mind of a 7 year me. lol  


*The coper has been double sealed to prolong the effects of natural tarnishing.



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